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*New Video* Drake– “Marvin’s Room”

Drizzy drops the video for his hit “Marvin’s Room”. Lost in what looks like regret in the club, Drake is longing for his old thing back. -EXUDE PURPLE Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post

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Leica x Danny MacAskill

Leica teamed up with pro street biker Danny MacAskill while he rode Capetown, South Africa to showcase their new V-LUX 30 video camera. The video showcases Danny’s crazy moves on the bike as he rides through what seems all of Capetown. Via: Hypebeast -EXUDE PURPLE … Read More


Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Trailer

WOW -EXUDE PURPLE Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post


“Life in a Day” Trailer

This summer, super movie producer Ridley Scott, launched the Life in a Day project that compiled uploaded videos from youtube into a 90 minute documentary. The film is aimed at showing 24 hours around the world. The Kevin McDonald directed documentary is set for a … Read More

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Jake Davis Test Shots– Mackintosh x Converse Jack Purcell

The latest installment in the Test Shot series features Chris Gibbs of Union L.A modeling the collab Mackintosh x Jack Purcell jacket and kicks. -EXUDE PURPLE Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post


JanSport– What’s Your Outdoors?

JanSport has set underway a new project that summons the nature lovers to share their favorite outdoor spots via video. The video project is aimed at testing the traditional definition of what it means to be outside. The winner of the contest will win $10,000. … Read More


“The Art of FLIGHT” Trailer

Energy drink Red Bull is at the forefront of the cool once again with the production of this extreme sport thrill ride, The Art of FLIGHT. The documentary follows 9 intense snowboarders around the globe on their insatiable quest for fresh snow and narrow mountain … Read More


Singularities by 3Sixteen

Clothing line 3Sixteen has premiered there latest project titled 3Sixteen Singularities. The project looks at some of the lines denim wearers who also happen to be some of the leading contenders in their respective fields. The first round of videos highlight Wilson Park and Norman … Read More


The Hundreds Presents: Bobby Bottleservice

The Hundreds + Nick Kroll a.k.a. Bobby Bottleservice = DOPE SH*T!! -EXUDE PURPLE Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post

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Jake Davis Burnt Shots: “One Day”

Jake Davis, in conjunction with retailer Union Los Angeles, has taken his now infamous Test Shots a step further with Burnt Shots. The longer piece highlights Union through music and beautiful model, Meleza B. The same stylish and quality nuances that are true of Davis … Read More


Jake Davis: Motion Man

Hypebeast, along with director Kellen Dengler, teamed up to talk to renowned camera slinger, Jake Davis. A video director, Davis’ most recent project is his self titled “Test Shots”. Started at (capsule) tradeshow two years ago, the project has grown immensely with the latest installment … Read More


*Film Trailer*–INFLUENCERS: How Trends & Creativity become Contagious

I’ve, thankfully, have been fortunate enough to come across a bevy of information about “the science of cool” within the past few months. Here is another notch on the belt of knowledge. INFLUENCERS: How Trends & Creativity become Contagious, is a short documentary that highlights … Read More