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“Life in a Day” Trailer

This summer, super movie producer Ridley Scott, launched the Life in a Day project that compiled uploaded videos from youtube into a 90 minute documentary. The film is aimed at showing 24 hours around the world. The Kevin McDonald directed documentary is set for a … Read More

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Jay-Z “Evolution of My Style”

Jay sits down to talk about the changes his flow has gone through over his illustrious career. Not only the delivery has changed, but also his subject matter. Via: Hypebeast -EXUDE PURPLE Recommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post


2011 Black History Month Pack

Nike celebrates the great acheivements of three pioneering black athletes. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Julius “Dr. J” Irving have contributed immeasurably to the game of basketball. Mike’s ease and finesse in the air was unmatched. He is easily the best player to ever step … Read More


Michael Jackson “Michael” Artwork

Michael Jackson’s estate along with Epic Records are set to release Jackson’s latest project titled “Michael”. The album will feature never before heard tracks that were all recorded before 2007. The album will be released on 12.14.10. The oil painting was done by artist Kadir … Read More


*Bronx Gems*– “Doctor’s Row”

Situated in The Mott Haven Historic District, Doctor’s Row a.k.a Irish 5th Avenue, is a row of historic brownstones used by affluent doctors during the early 1900′s. The two block, 138th – 141st streets, radius on Alexander Ave., was originally inhabited by Irish immigrants, Irish … Read More